Welcome to the Bicycle Wrap Shop

We make universal frame protectors/wraps/reflectors that are easy to install and offer extra customization. Bringing you functionality and style.

Spiff Web App

Use our Web App to customize the design.  DIY workflow shows a road bicycle. If you have a differnt frame and purchase then email us and we will tailor the decals to your bicycle's modal.

Standard Designs

For Universal sizing... apply our Panels and/or Modular decals for universal sizing.

Email us for Enterprise Service

Across North America we have worked with bicycle shares and their partners. Already have tailored fit patterns for most bicycle shares. We service entire fleets, marketing campaigns, and Unicorns Bikes (durable seasonal celebratory bicycles).

Japanese Delegation with DC's Bicycle share

Email Us

Do you need help with your bicycle wrap project?

Started as an Art Project

My art was gathering dust in drawers so I sought to enrichen the things I treasure.

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Cardboard skirt guards for people to write protest messages on, art shows, and lessons along the way.