Quality vs NOT-Quality Wraps

Quality vs NOT-Quality Wraps

Not-Vehicle Grade Vinyl

air bubbles from cheaper vinyl<

This is a more affordable vinyl with-out-air-release-channels. Good option for fenders but should be applied wet and squeeze the air bubbles out. 


Thickness & Laminate


This vinyl is thinner making it easier to install, but it is quick to show wear.

Wear is to be expected, but this vinyl peels away entire sections instead of taking a gash for damage.

quality vinyl wrap for bicycle vehicle

This is a premium reflective vinyl that will last. It is difficult to wrap because it is so thick but when done right then it is more durable than any paint job.

We ofter reflective (most durable) and non-reflective (which we use the thickest 3M laminate available for vehicle vinyl). The non-reflective version does receive damage (especially on the forks), but this is normal wear that happens to painted bikes too. Compared to reflective vinyl is more durable than even a painted bicycle.

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