Diamonds are Forever

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Reflective Bicycle Decals    
Half Pack Quantity 4 strips of decals  7" Long $12.90
Full Pack Quantity 8 strips of decals 7.25" long $17.75
Double Pack Quantity 16 strips of decals 7.25" long


Non-Reflective Pack Quantity 32 strips of decals 7.25" long

Bike wraps, custom decals, reflective diy
Earn you stripes with this cascading diamond design.


Product Features 

Application Instructions. Apply with Transfer Film. 

The transfer film holds the decals proportional to each other when the backer is removed. Allowing ribbons of independent decals to be applied together. Example Video


The decals are vehicle grade to NOT damage the bicycle's paint. Peel off with your finger nail and at worse use a hair dryer to warm the decal.

Air Release Channels

Highest grade vehicle vinyl that will apply WITHOUT air bubbles.


Protects the decals from sun, dirt, and light abrasion. 

The decal may be damaged from a hard impact, but will help protect the frame's paint.


3M retro-reflective decals.

Designed to glow under car's headlights.

reflective bike decals for a custom ride, do it yourself

Fully customizable application to make your ride look as fresh as you.