Application Instructions - Pattern Decals

Get excited -- you are about to have the sweetest ride on the block.

Here's everything you need to know get to started. Application Video.


1. Clean the Surface. In the places where you plan to apply Spoken Art, use a rag to wipe the surfaces clean with rubbing alcohol or warm water.

Reflective decals on bicycle fork, application instructions

2. Divide the pack. Without removing top layer of transfer tape, cut out the groupings of decals that you are going to apply in various spots on your bike. 

apply reflective decal with transfer tape, by spoken art llc - bike wraps

3. Apply the Decals. Pull the firm white backing away from the Decals, which will leave each group of decals intact on the clear transfer tape. Place them gently – don’t press yet! – to the cleaned bike areas you want to customize. When you are sure they're positioned well, press firmly on all the decals. Remove the transfer tape. Press them again. Bam. You’re done.

decals applied to bicycle, for a diy custom bike

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